Note To Self

Note To Self bands are motivational bands used by Dwyane Wade for a reminder throughout the season as a basketball player and as a person outside of basketball. The bands have been a great hit for multiple reasons. As a motivational band anyone can relate to the band to motivate themselves in any part of their lives. Bands can remind you to go to the gym and work out harder or do well on your final exam at school. It's a personal band to Dwyane and it's a personal band to anyone that wears one because we all have different goals and aspirations. The band has nothing to do with anyone besides the person that wears one. That's why they are called "Note To Self" not "Note To You".
Photo Credit: Alexander Tamargo @ALTAimages


  • The Shield – Men / Bring it back in XL and XXL. Love the Tee’s…

    Pablo Rodriguez
  • I’m a huge fan of Dwyane Wade since his rookie year in 2003 when I was in Elementary. he’s been my role model and the person I look up to as a person that helps out the community, as a professional athlete and as a father to his kids, how I want to be one day.

    Lex Francis

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