April 15, 2014


It is with great pride we take this opportunity to introduce you to our way of LYFE.

‘LYFE Brand’ is inspired by a Miami lifestyle infused with sports culture and a street wear influence. Since its inception less than two years ago, the Brand has won the hearts of a new generation in the fashion world. Explosions of color and clean designs are the hallmark of the Brand, founded on quality apparel, detail, and loyalty. 

LYFE’s ability to authentically connect with people and showcase a LYFEstyle worth embracing has elevated the brand to all new levels. With nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram, the homegrown online apparel company has amassed rapid recognition through Miami HEAT sports-inspired designs such as the popular “Heatles” shirt, gaining the organic support of NBA players LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, actress Gabrielle Union, multi-faceted performer Jamie Foxx, comedian Gary Owens and R&B singer Tank, among other notable athletes and celebrities. Pairing clean, streetwear with cultural Miami influences and empowering messages such as the classic “Note to Self” bands, has also caught the eye of the fashion market, bringing LYFE Brand to Miami stores such as Shoe Gallery, SoleFly, The Edition Boutique, and The Archives. In addition to a growing online business, LYFE is an advocate of community events, most recently sponsoring Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade’s basketball invitational for kids.

As a small team of four and a passion for the city of Miami, sports, and fashion, LYFE has been able to position itself within a competitive market as professional, cutting-edge, and loyal. At the core of the Brand are our customers, engaging with each and every customer from product introduction through shipping and delivery. Our vision is to continue to grow with our customers and expand to become the leading sports inspired street wear brand in the market.  

The road has not been easy. The entrepreneurial spirit of the team, however, has made the road worth it. Through teamwork we have continuously pushed each other to innovate, commit, and execute with excellence driving us to be at the next-level of the business and ready to take bold steps, carrying the same core values and loyalty that got us to this point. Every business starts small, but we know that our dreams for this business are big. 

At the end of the day, words mean nothing without action. We can tell you about this lyfe, but we prefer to show you why this is more than a brand, it’s a LYFEstyle.

More than a Movement…Its a LYFEstyle!!

LYFE entails many things.
It’s about believing in your vision and taking chances when no one else will.
LYFE is about being innovative, groundbreaking and fresh.
It’s about creating and building upon relationships to reach one common goal.
LYFE is being universal and receptive to others whose ideals may differ from your own.
It’s about making a statement, no matter how bold.

To merely exist is not synonymous with living. The individuals that strive for what others deem impossible are the ones that create miracles. Living your dreams while simultaneously empowering others is the ultimate goal.
LYFE is a collection of new experiences. So ask yourself, what Lyfe do you want to lead?

Behind the scenes of the LYFE Brand look book shoot at 1300 Studios in Miami Gardens.

LYFE Brand Founders - Partners
Bobby Metelus | @Mistadubb
Michael Guerrero | @MikesLyfe
Alexander Tamargo | @AltaImages
Dax Tarmago | @TheRealDax

Cinematography and Video Editing
Elite Media Concepts | @EliteMediaConcepts
Bright Fame Productions

Calyann Barnett | @Lawfullady
Lina Palacios | @linagosh

DP - Lighting
Issac Baldizon | @IssacBaldizon

Make Up Artist 
Vee Marie | @iBrushYou

Photo Shoot Producer
Events by Shanti | @EventsByShanti

Female Models
Tammy | @Tammy_Torres 
Toria | @torianicholexoxo
Jessie | @lindaluz__ 
Taos | @emanresu_moi 

Male Models
Kenny | @Craven_Morehead
Sky | @skyandi

1300 Studios
Miami Gardens, FL 33169

Dax Tamargo
Dax Tamargo


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