Escape 2

This past weekend LYFE Brand brought style or better yet LYFEStyle to “SwimWeek” at the Second Annual Escape Miami Style Lounge hosted at the National Hotel in Miami Beach. Setup poolside, LYFE Brand provided a display of their current summer line, with a cabana filled with LYFE Brand giveaways!

Vendors from jewelers, brews to clothing boutiques were setup throughout the poolside, but that didn’t stop LYFE Brand from magnetizing guest to their LYFEstyle freebies. The spotlight of the occasion was guest sharing selfies through Instagram for a chance to grab a hold of LYFE Brand's rare collection of Trucker Hats.   

If you don’t already know who Alexander Tamargo is, you absolutely need to check out his Photography. This all around photographer does incredible work. He was hand picked to create a shoot for Miami’s top fashion bloggers, which was displayed at the entrance of the event where his photos combined to create the word “ESCAPE” and also hung poolside for all guests to appreciate.

Photos/ Blog Post By: Cristina Perez @JustKukla

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